Swen Enderlein    * 18. Juli 1978     † 15. September 2004

Note of thanks

the most beautiful monument, which humans can get,
is located in the hearts of the fellow men.
Albert Schweitzer

We are deeply moved by all the sympathy, we expirienced, since the still incomprehsible, accidental death of our son Swen, we endless love him. Thanks to all those people showing us their deepest sympathy by words, guestbook entries on his homepage, mailing, flowers and donations, as well as the last escort of honour. These show us the indescribably worldwide respect of our
son Swen. An excerpt from the mourning speech of his brother in the church explains why:

Swen was not the sort of people who needs to bully or push around
his opponents to get advantage or fame...
Swen never spokes a hard word, just to be respected
by people surrounding him...
Swen never spoke, if he did not have anything to say...
and Swen never used the sport in order to obtain material wealth.
and after his lost, the greatest respect for the person Swen Enderlein
meant the only reward for his 26 years on earth.

In love and gratitude
his parents Walter und Karin,
his girlfriend Kristin,
and all relatives.

                                                        Germany, Zwönitz, 30.09.2004